Saturday, November 22, 2008

SOON! I'm not a student anymore

I don't know how to feel about this, my very last graduation...
Of course there's a joy for no longer living a hell of doing a tremendeous assigments together with part time jobs and house chores (yeah! you bet! that's why I haven't been working on my own comic for a longgg timeee) However I do feel very insecure about the future >__<;;; I'm fully aware that I don't posses a very outstanding skill in anything. Looking at all the alumnus from AIM who managed to be successful doesn't always have lots of skills but they have this one special outstanding skill that made them stand out than others somehow. So far there's something lacking in my works that I can tell from others response. It seems my works (comic or animation) failed to entertaint the audiences! I can work as hard as I want to make things looked pretty and stuff but I think I can't give a 'life' to my works... Which make me wonders a lot... WHAT IS IT!??? What is it that I'm lacking so bad in my works!??? *bangs head to desk* So with all of these craps in my mind, I have a mixed feeling with the upcoming AIM graduation screening. I look forward to see others work in its 'final' stage but I'm so scared to witness audience's response to my own animation (I think I will hide somewhere during my slot!) Anyways here's the 'invitation' everyone!

I did the colouring for that one (the top half part only btw), however the design and the theme is pretty much everyone contribution parts by parts. All I did is drawing on top of this artwork:

And lastly, here's the screenshot of my major project animation:

And since I didn't post anything about my minor project, as a bonus, here's the screenshot! ^^

The animatic and probably the actual animation of these two will come later sometime in the future ^__^


Saturday, April 19, 2008

As the name says, this is the place where I'll post some in-progress stuff (comic pages, folio works, random sketches, etc)

This one is a drawing I did a while ago to relieve some stress and more in purpose of loosen up my hand. The 'idea' came up during the chat with my friend about a RP's scene. The music accompanied in the making of this drawing: "introitus" from Meine Liebe OST.

My friend then modify the villain's face to look more appropriate of his role: a sadistic villain lol (and she did a good job at it! ^^ )